Best Website Features of a good website

What are the Best Website Features to make a website useful and effective? What helps user experience and leaves a good impression? In this tutorial we explain Best Website Features that will make your website effective and useful. As a professional website design company in Maryland with years of experience in website design and development, we think these are Best Website Features that every site should have.

 Best Website Features in Professional Website Design

One of the best website features of a good website is a Professional Website Design. It is very important to have a Professional Website Design since the design of your website is the first impression your site visitors get. Visitors will judge your business by how professional your website design is. Once your website is loaded into the browser, it will take only a few seconds for the visitor to decide if they should browse your website or move on. It is specially important for small businesses to work with professional web designers since your website is your store front and perhaps there are corporates or mid size businesses that you are competing with, and you don’t want to loose the competition in just a few seconds. A Professional Website Design can create a multimillion dollar business impression even if it is just a start up business being operated in the basement of your home. A professionally created website design will create trust, and the visitor will see you as a professional. Purpose of your website, target audience, nature of business and your products are among different factors that a professional web designer will keep in mind in creating a Professional Website Design for your business.

Easy Navigation

Easy and clear navigation is also one of the best website features.Visitors want to easily find what they are looking for without wasting time, so your website needs to have a clear and easy to use navigation structure. Easy navigation can be achieved through a well planned Site Structure or Site hierarchy. Site hierarchy is all about organizing your site information and content in a simple structure by creating categories, pages and sub-pages. It should be clear and simple and not confusing. Website Navigation System is normally being shown as a menu on the top of each page of your website, and it should be consistent on all pages. It creates a path for site visitors to easily navigate through the website by making the information readily accessible.

Fresh & keyword Rich Content

Content is the most important feature in our Best Website Features list. As all Professional Website Designers agree, Content is king. First and the most, your site visitors will see your website as a source of information, and it will encourage them to return to your website for more information. Also bear in mind that the search engine results are content driven. Search engines are constantly checking web pages for quality content, and quality content is fresh, keyword rich and relevant to the subject. Write the content of your own and come up with a new approach toward the subject. Do not copy and paste. Search engines are smart, and they can tell if your content is reproduced from another website or online source. When search engines realize that your content is not original, they will credit the origin of the content and not yours. It may also result in removing your site from search engine results. Also you need to implement subject related keywords that you think your potential clients may use to search for certain information or product. If your keyword for the article you are writing is “best website features” then it has to be mentioned repeatedly throughout the article in a natural way and 5 to 7 times.

Contact page

Will you really trust a website with no address or phone number and just an email address? What if the email address is just a public email domain such as Yahoo or Gmail? It is absolutely important to have a visible and easily accessible contact page with all your information. Include your phone number, your email and your address and make sure to use an email address created through your domain. Having all of these information available on your website will make your business more legitimate and credible.

FAQ Page

One of the best website features is Frequently Asked Questions Page or FAQ page. There are common questions and concerns that every visitor may have, so why not having a list of general questions to save time for your office staff and your site visitors? Frequently asked questions page is part of your customer service and support, but take into consideration the fact that it has to be well organized and categorized in order to be successful and not frustrating. Visitors should be able to find answers by easily browsing categories.

Search Option

Almost every site visitor agrees that Search Box is one of the best website features. Having a search option feature on your website is all about user experience and helping them find what they are trying to find. If you have an e-commerce site then having a search box is a necessary feature since your customers know what exactly they are looking for. It is also a great help to understand customers by looking at what they looked for on your site. Through search option you will know what your customers searched for and what product or info is missing on your site.

Responsive Website Design

It’s been the third year that Responsive website design is on the top of the list of best website features. Mobile Internet usage is growing, and people don’t have to sit by their desktop computers to browse the internet. They can browse the web by using their mobile device as they are watching tv or even while they are working out. Having a standard desktop website will make it difficult for mobile devices to show your pages correctly. With increasing use of smart phones and tablets and laptops, a responsive website design is in demand to create a better user experience without worrying about what device is in use. A responsive website design will automatically adjust its size according to the device screen size which will lead to a better user experience for on the move visitors.

Site Speed

The last in our Best Website Features list is site speed. Impatient site visitors and search engines are the primary reasons to optimize your website speed. Your website loading time will affect user experience and your website search engine ranking. Slow loading websites will discourage the site visitors to browse your website and will result in low average time spending on the site and also low number of returning visitors. Both these two factors are important in search engine optimization. It also will make search engines to crawl your website less often since it takes longer to render your page. You can use online tools such as Google Page Speed to measure your website loading time and find out about what needs to be done to improve your website loading time.

I hope you found this tutorial useful and please feel free to contact us if you have questions. As we always offer in our tutorial, we are able to arrange one-on-one meetings if you live in Maryland, Washington D.C or Virginia. If you are living far way from our office which is located in Bethesda (Maryland), we can have a meeting on Skype.


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