Web Design tips for A Professional website design

There are thousands of websites in every filed of business on world wide web, but the number of successful ones are a lot less than total number of websites. If you look at successful websites, you will notice that they have a professional website design and effective design, but what makes a website professional and effective? This tutorial will help you to improve the design and effectiveness of your website as a professional website design is.

Study your competitors website designs

Before deciding about your website design and colors, you need to look at the successful websites in your filed of business. Best thing to do is to learn from experience by looking at what others did. You do not want to reinvent the wheel or start from scratch by spending so much time on fundamental ideas that already exist with proven results.
You do not want to copy them, you just want to learn from them and improve the basics. Come up with a list of your favorite successful professional website designs and try to find out what they have in common. Look at their website and write down what you like about them. By the end, you will have a list of your favorite elements in terms of colors, web design, functionality and etc. Once you check those websites, you will get a better idea of what a professional website design is.

Keep it simple yet Professional

By experience, we know that your website visitors spend not more than 5 seconds to learn what your website is about. If you do not give them a clear message, they simply return to search results. It is very hard to achieve this task by having a busy web design filled with unnecessary elements and no whitespace. Keep everything in balance and do not forget the power of whitespace. It will make the text more readable. It is very common for a professional website design to be simple yet elegant.

Easy to read information

World wide web is all about information and so is your website. Visitors check your website in search of the information they are looking for, but the information presented in your website will not be useful if it is difficult to read. Text color, size and the contrast between text elements and background are absolutely important. The safest way to make your webpages easy to read for all visitors is using simple typefaces and avoiding high contrast between the text and the background.

Limited Colors

Having so many colors in your website will make your web design look busy and cheap, and not having colors will make it look boring. So whats the ideal use of colors in a professional website design? The ideal and effective use of color in your website design is to use 3 colors. These three colors will be primary color, secondary color and accent color. Primary color as it sounds will be the main color used in designing your web pages. It would cover between 50% to 60% of your design space. The secondary color will cover 30% to 40% of the space and the accent color will be a touch to make some elements stand out.

keep seo in mind

SEO is what makes your website and online business successful. It will bring new clients and new leads by increasing traffic to your website. However, search engine optimization of your website will depend on the structure of your website and whether your web designer has considered SEO in designing your web pages or not. That is one of the reasons that you need to work with a professional web designer. A professional website design will be search engine friendly and will have clean code, image optimized, proper site and link structure, proper page titles, great content and proper use of HTML tags and Headers like H1, H2, and H3.

Site Speed

Page loading time is important for two different reasons. One is the user experience and the other is Google. Most website visitors are not patient enough if a website is to slow to load, so it will be to your advantage to have a quickly loaded website. Also keep in mind that Google cares and rewards sites that download quickly. As they have stated in different occasions, they “strive to make the whole web fast”. Google has a free tool to use your page speed.


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