SEO Basics for Small Business owners

It is a great idea to have a professional website for your business, but a website that is not search engine optimized most likely will not generate business leads and will not increase your sales volume. The beauty of the web marketing in general and business website in particular is to reach a wider and more distant market. SEO will give you the ability to expose your brand to a much larger market area. Knowing that so many small business owners may not be aware of SEO basics, In this article we list some of the most SEO basics to consider.

Select the right keywords

An important part of the SEO basics is keywords. Keywords are the words or phrases that internet users type in the search box of different search engines to search for websites matching those keywords. In return search engines provide the internet users a list of the websites that match the keyword. Wondering how search engines select those websites for the internet users? By the keywords implemented on those websites. It gives keywords a very important role in SEO basics, so it is very important to choose the right keywords for your website. Your keywords should be relevant to your website and your business to get traffic from the right client. Make a list of the keywords your client may use to find you, and remember that it is easier to improve local search ranking than national ranking. For instance, “Maryland website designer” or “Bethesda website designer” can get you to the first page faster than “website designer” which will take you longer to get a high ranking. There are free online keyword tools  such as Keyword Tool which can help you with keyword suggestions. Your website keywords should appear in meta tags, page names, page URLs and content.


Content is the king

Content is actually a lot more than SEO basics. It is the king. Content is one of the main factors in search engine ranking. The content of your website must be fresh, informative, well written, interesting and keyword rich. Try to repeat your keywords throughout the content. It has to be natural. Just use common sense. Quality content should create meaningful interaction with readers, and search engines may measure this interaction by looking at how long the visitors stay on your page. In simple words, try to come up with a content that is your own words, interesting, meaningful, subject related and keyword rich. Don’t forget to update your website regularly by adding new content. It teaches search engines to scan your site more regularly and also encourages your visitors to visit your website repeatedly. Both these factors will help your ranking.


Try to use images

Besides the fact that images make the pages more interesting for readers, images can also be used as an SEO technique. You can rename the image using your keywords, and don’t forget to include your keywords in the image title, ALT text and description. Images also need to be subject related, and keep in mind the copyright as well, so it will not cause you trouble. Visit Pixabay Free Images. This is a free stock photo website with no attribution required.


Social Media

As you know, so many people are using social media to share their information, ideas and pictures on a daily base, so it makes it crucial to be engaged in social sharing sites. Social media has an impact on your website SEO as well, plus the fact that you can build up a network, spread your website content and get referrals. It also helps in branding. More people know you, more people refer to your website as a source of information. At the moment, Pinterest, Tweeter, Facebook and Google+ are the best sites to publish your quality content or images.


Register on Google Map

Registering on Google map is one of the most SEO basics for small businesses. First thing appears on a Google search result is a map with related businesses around you. Do you need more reasons to register on a Google map? Registering with Google map will give you a chance to appear on the first page  when a customer is searching for businesses around you. Visit Google My Business to create a free page for your business and also a place on the map.


Search engine submission

Submission to search engines is another part of SEO basics. Most of the popular search engines offer free submission. You can directly submit your website to search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. It is totally free and you will have your website and web pages indexed by those search engines.

Submit your website to google

Submit your website to Yahoo

Submit your website to Bing



In summary of SEO Basics, you can increase your chances to get a higher ranking in search engine results by following these SEO basics. Right keywords, rich content, using images, social media, Google map and search engine submission can help your website in ranking, but in the end, your website should be a helpful source for your clients and that’s the most important form of SEO.


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