Website Design services in Maryland, D.C & Virginia

    Website Design MarylandWebsite design is part of online business which is a big portion of today’s market and economy with so many companies focused on internet marketing and eCommerce. That’s why this populated and competitive market requires a high level of professionalism in.

    We are a team of professionals highly skillful and experienced in website design, web development and search engine optimization.

    We create last longing websites that are created elegant and SEO optimized with features that display the latest web technologies. Our focus and mission is to build a website that turns every visitor into a client, and our key to succeed this mission is knowledge and professionalism. We will create a website based on your requirements and exclusively for you. We look at every aspect of web design to make sure your website is unique, impressive and user friendly. Our projects diverse from simple and informative websites to multi level and complex e commerce solutions. In other words, no project is too small and no dream is too big for us. Please feel free to discuss your ideas and projects, and we guarantee you a path to success.

    Before we start designing your website, We will ask you to fill out our website design worksheet form. Based on the information you submit to us, we share our thoughts with you to decide about your website design, colors, features and the technology being used.

    Our web design worksheet form will allow you to specify the followings:

    • What’s the main purpose and focus of your website.
    • What specific features do you want in the website design.
    • Create pages and sub-pages of your website and give them a hierarchy of importance.
    • Write out the content of each page.
    • Websites in your industry that match the style and look that you want for your website.
    • What colors we should use and what colors we should avoid in your website design.

    Once we receive the order form, we will take the following steps to create your website:

    • Review: We will review all the information and requirements for your website.
    • Design: We will design the first draft based on your submitted info.
    • Approval: We present the website design for your approval.
    • Completion: We will turn the website design into web pages and make it functional.
    • Go Live: We will upload the website onto your web hosting server.

    No matter if your website is a simple website or a complex eCommerce website, a well planned website design is the key to successfully execute your idea and turn it into a productive project. All eCommerce websites have a complicated back end, and  they are sophisticated in coding and programing language. But no matter how complicated, they should have a simple to use administration panel for business management team. Through this panel they should be able to easily upload their products, take control of their inventory and manage the content of their website. In that respect, our e-commerce website systems are based on Magento and WordPress e commerce platforms. Both these platforms give you the ability to manage all of your pages, website content, catalogs, products, images and more. Our e-commerce solutions are affordable, easy to work with and more importantly effective. They and up to date in terms of technology. We use the Magento platform for companies with thousands of items in their inventory and WorPress for companies with hundreds of products.

    As we learn more about your business and your requirements, we will be able to come up with more specific recommendations and features for your eCommerce website.

    Our general E-Commerce solutions offer:

    • Marketing and promotional tools.
    • Accept Credit Cards OnlineS.
    • Advanced SEO.
    • Add & Manage Products Easily.
    • Unlimited Products & Categories.
    • Professional Website Design.
    • Customized Search Options.
    • UPS, USPS & Fed Ex Shipping.

    Being a Maryland local website design company will give you the benefit to use our free consultation offer. Please contact us to set up a time for a free orientation session. We will answer all your questions and explain all the aspects of eCommerce in depth.

    CMS or Content Management System is a web application installed on your website. CMS allows a user to create, modify, and maintain content throughout a website. The access and control is being done through an administration panel with username and password. Once you log in, you will be able to add pages, simply post an article or even change and update the existing content. It requires basic computer and internet knowledge and skills. It gives you independence and comfort to keep your site up to date without any need to a web designer or developer. The fact that you can do everything on your own will save you a considerable amount of money.

    Our CMS solutions are mostly custom CMS or WordPress CMS platform. Either way you will able to add, delete or create pages, text, images, calendar and almost any document presented on your website design.

    With our CMS solutions you can easily edit:

    • E-commerce website, Product catalogs.
    • E-marketing, Newsletters, RSS feeds.
    • Blogs, Forums.
    • Image/Video galleries.
    • Events calendar.
    • Page Banners.
    Every company that wants to offer services or sell products on the internet must have a website. However, having a website does not guarantee your online business. In order to make your business successful on the internet, you must concentrate on the following things on your website:
    • Buy your domain

    The first step is to secure a domain name for your business. Check yahoo domain registration or any other domain company and buy your domain. Remember that your domain name should be easy to remember and spell correctly.

    • Define the purpose of your website

    It is important to know why you need a website for your business. Is it for sales or marketing? Is it a tool to give more services to your existing clients? Do you want to sell products through the website, or you just want to educate people? Once you define your goals and the purpose of your website, you can focus your approach and website design. By reading this article: Web Design and its benefits for Maryland Businesses, you can get a clear understanding to define the purpose of your website.

    • Think about content

    Search engines love content. Naturally, you want a functional website with picture gallery and a nice website design, and an overall beautiful look, but you have to remember that content is the king. Content is the most important part of your website because it tells the visitor what your website is all about and how useful it is. Your content must be relevant to your business and easy to follow. You should constantly update your site content so visitors feel they should visit your website repeatedly to get the latest news and info. People normally find your website through search engines using keywords, so they should feel your website is relevant and informative as to what they are searching for.

    • Think about the design

    Your website design must be appealing, search engine friendly, functional and up to date with no technical issues. In other words, your website design should created professionally. Best way to get a better idea about your website design is to visit your competitor websites. Try to understand their approach, design and colors. Also find out what you like or don’t like about them. Try to come up with a list of do’s and Don’ts. Once you go through this process, then it will be a lot easier to tell your website designer how exactly you want your website design to be done.

    • Think about Usability

    Usability means how easy it is to use your website. It is important that your visitor can navigate through your website easily following the information he or she is looking for. Your website design, functionalities and technology used must create a nice user’s experience. With the advance of smart phones and tablets, you should consider a responsive website design. In a responsive website, the website design, layout changes based on the size and capabilities of user device. The design will be shown on a single column for phones or three columns for tablets and 5 0r 6 columns on desktops.

    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Think of search engines as yellow pages. How people can find you going through yellow pages when there is no mention of your business? Search engine optimization is the process of introducing your website to search engines. The task of SEO is not just to introduce you to search engines, but also to show the importance of your website to visitors and related keywords. Successful SEO will bring more traffic to your website and generate more clients. You can get more tips about SEO by reading SEO Tips From Web Design Company in Maryland

    We are available for a free consultation with no obligation. Please give us a call during our office hours at 202-596-9696 or by our email address: Maryland, Virginia and DC residents will be able to arrange a Free Face-to-Face Consultation with us, while customers further afield will be able to consult by telephone, email or even Skype. There’s no obligation. You do not have to buy services from us once the consultation is over and may choose whatever website designer you like.

    We understand that many of our clients may have difficulties to register a domain name, buy hosting space. Many our clients are new to web marketing and technology, and they may even have difficulties understanding the technical terms.  That’s why here at HDWebTech we offer a free consultation. We believe you should be fully informed about the process of website design and web marketing capabilities.

    Our office is located in Bethesda, Maryland. You are welcomed to stop by. We can also arrange a meeting at your location if your business or office is located in Washington DC or any part of the state of Virginia, if you are in a reasonable distance to our Bethesda office. To arrange your free website design consultation, please call

    202-596-9696 (during our office hours) or email us at If we are away leave a message, and we will get back to you.
    During your Consultation, You will get all the concepts explained to you in simple terms such as:

    • How to get your website online.
    • What type of website will suit your business.
    • Recommended hosting companies for you.
    • What content you will need on your website.
    • Discussion of the look and feel of your website design.
    • What images you need and how to get them.
    • Any scripts, forms or special code you may need.
    • How to take secure online credit card payments.