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Your website needs development when you want to empower it with dynamic features. These features can be as simple as sending an email from a contact form or doing an online hotel booking. With a vast knowledge in software development and applications, our web developers can create custom web applications in a wide range of technology platforms to ensure successful implementation of your business strategies and enhancement of your operational excellence. We develop custom web applications for a wide variety of industries such as financial services, medical institutes , transportation companies, retail stores, food and restaurants and many more.

We create and deliver custom web applications solely based on client's specific needs and requirements. Using latest dynamic web content technologies such as PHP, .NET, Perl , ASP and MySQL database management system, We are able to supply you with simple to complex database driven web applications to serve your customers, business partners and employees.

Our web application development services include but not limited to:

  • Database design and development.
  • Custom E-Commerce Solutions.
  • Custom PHP Applications.
  • Interfaces that support data entry.
  • Automated Billing Systems.
  • Social Networking to help your clients set up their own profiles on your web site.
  • Custom Interface Solutions.
  • Mobile Applications.
  • Development of Forums & Blogs.
  • Development of Online Testing Applications for testing students, candidates or employees
  • Booking and Reservation System Development
  • E-Learning modules.
  • Complaint Managements Systems
  • Custom Forms to allow your visitors to upload their information directly

E Commerce

Electronic commerce or commonly knows as e-commerce is a great part of today's market and economy, and it refers to buying and selling products and services over internet or other computer networks. It will help businesses to reach a greater market, increase sales and lower overheads while there will be lower risk and less management.

We offer customized e-commerce solutions based on your requirements. With a creative approach, we design and develop your storefront with different features and functionalities. Functionalities such as:

  • Checkout and Shopping Carts – Fully customisable shopping carts and checkout.
  • Payments – SSL Certificates and Payment Gateways.
  • Integration – Connect and Access your Inventory and Customer data.
  • Order Management - View and Track your Customer Order data.
  • Customer Accounts – Manage your Customer Accounts.
  • Direct Communications to Existing Customers - tell them about New Products or Services.
  • Suppliers - Send News and other Pertinent Company Information and Technical or detailed information about Products/Services.
  • Update your Online Marketing Content – stay relevant and up to date.

Content Management System (CMS)

Content Management Systems (CMS) allow any web user with a basic computer skills to create, modify, and maintain content throughout a website. Through a web-interface, administrators can access these features from anywhere with an internet connection. Very small investment today can save you thousands of dollars every year because there will be no need to hire a web designer to maintain your website. You can simply and easily do it on your own.

Your CMS driven website can include text, photos, music, video, animation, documents, or just anything you can think of. Websites with CMS are highly extensible through many different modules available on the market.

with our CMS solutions you can easily edit:

  • E-commerce, Product catalogs
  • E-marketing, Newsletters, RSS feeds
  • Blogs, Forums
  • Image/Video galleries
  • Events calendar
  • Home Page Banners

CMS Content Management System

A Content Management System or a CMS web design gives you the ability to control and manage content within your website without the knowledge of programming. Using a CMS website makes it easy to add or delete images and edit text on your website whenever you need. At HD Web Technologies we are experienced in web design for a variety of open source CMS platforms such as Wordpress CMS Web Design, Drupal CMS Web Design and Ecommerce CMS Web Development.

CMS is critical to the success of every website since it will allow you to edit and update the content of your site at anytime through a simple admin panel. You can add, change or update most of the page content including articles, blog posts, images or even media clips. You can edit and update product details, prices, images, text and other informations with ease and all done from your web browser! no technical knowledge required!

Our Content Management System web design services includes:

  • Custom CMS Theme Web Design.
  • Content Management System Installation.
  • CMS Module Development.
  • SEO Services for CMS platforms.
  • CMS Platform Training.

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